Utterly Magic – Group Show March 2006

A group show organised by Utterly Art LLP (they are the gallery who represent my works). It is to celebrate their 5th year in business at Chinatown and also to mark the shifting of their gallery across South Bridge Road, opposite Sri Mariamann temple, above Teck Soon Medical Hall. Artists involved in this show are some of their best sellers like Martin Loh, Justin Lee, Trina Poon, Tay Bee Aye, P. Gnana, Susie Wong, Tania de Rozario, Michael Cacnio and myself. Also introducing some new faces of UA like Kamal Dollah, Phua San San, Raman Siva and Clovis Tan.
It was an exciting showcase of works in which each is unique in style. For this show, I come up with newer works which is still inspired by flowers but more segmented in forms surreal in appearance.

flower oil paintings by Singaporean women artist
The Actress, 1.5 x 1.5 feet, oil on canvas

This painting exudes mystery and charm. Inspired by an orchid which is formed to capture the exubetant movement of an opera actress gesturing her flowy long water sleeves with swirls that dances away in the night. Strong contrasting colours of white, fuschia and golden yellow set against the pitch black backdrop, it is electrifying yet, appears to be soft, feminine and sensuous, much like my usual style. The actress is out to lure her audiences into her mysteries…

Ye Ruoshi 2006 painting
Fantasy Landscape, 6″ x 6″ each (x 4 pieces), oil on canvas

Fantasy Landscape invites you to a fun world in which I explored the possibilities of transforming structures of the orchid into an architectural formation. It is a fantasy world with lots of wit and humour yet oozing with sensual appeal to the viewer. The vibrant and contrasting main colour scheme of white and purple accentuates a dream like effect in the painting.


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