NAC AEP Batik Workshop @ Hwa Chong JC

Hwa Chong Junior College was one of the schools I taught art enrichment programme courses endorsed by National Arts Council. These assignments are good opportunity for me to interact with students and share my art with them.

I have taught at Bukit Panjang Pri, ITE Simei, Unity Secondary, Anderson Junior College and many others. Managed by BobAssociates, this is one department handled solely by Kamal, my husband. He is our chief trainer, developing the curriculum and instructor trainings. I am one of their trained instructor with specialised skills for teaching the Batik painting course and Caricature drawing course. They also conducts Graffiti course which so far I am not involve in. However, who knows, I might take up some training and become a Graffiti instructor someday? 🙂

Batik workshop at hwa chong JC
Demonstrating the use of tjanting (a tool use with wax for drawing on cloth).

batik teaching at hwa chong JC
Showing samples of different colour schemes and colouring techniques.

batik workshop at hwa chong JC
Take a snapshot with one of my best students.

batik instructor in Singapore
“Campus Superstar” Huang Zhi Yang is also my student leh… 🙂

batik teacher
Hey, let’s take a snapshot together!

batik teacher and her students
Batik class photo 2006!
graffiti instructor
Trying out on Graffiti for fun.


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