Mid-Autumn 2006 Performance

Although I am now into my 3rd month of pregnancy, I still carry on with some opera performances. The Mid-Autumn 2006 performance at Albert Court is a success. Some of my former opera classmates commented that I have shown great improvements in my singing. Thanks to my current teacher Miss Qi Chao Qun from Shenzhen, China. She is very dedicated in her teaching. Miss Qi has corrected some of my bad habits in singing and pronunciation. As a Mandarin speaker, I don’t speak enough Cantonese like the HongKongers. So, in order to train my Cantonese language, I often recite the lyrics just so as to ensure that I speak more perfect Cantonese. However, to speak and sing Cantonese in an Opera format, well that is another challenge as you not only have to sing but also to make sure people understood what you are singing. There’s still lots to learn from this age-old art form.
Here, I would like to take this opportunity to thank one person. She came to see my performance. I did not even manage to take a snapshot with her. She is my opera movement teacher, Miss Huang Ping from Beijing, China. Miss Huang is currently teaching at Potong Pasir C.C. She is a very dedicated teacher. Very good with all the movements especially involving weapons like the spears and the swords. So, if you want to be a “dao ma dan” (which is a wushu huadan), then you should learn from her.

Cantonese opera singer
Waiting leisurely for my show…

Cantonese Opera Performer performing a duet
An enthusiastic performer.

Cantonese Opera Performer performing a duet
Mildred Kan (taking the male role) and myself (the female role). Our song titled: Luo Shui Meng Hu

Cantonese Opera Professional Miss Qi Chao Chun
Miss Qi Chao Qun (lady in white) among the audience.

Cantonese Opera Performer Miss Janny Leung
With Janny Leung, who is an excellent Canto-opera female actress and also my good pal who gives real good advices.

Justin Lee and me

Justin Lee, who also appreciates Canto-opera, came to see my performance. Look at the lovely presents I got from him. So sweet! 🙂

Justin, Kelvin and girlfriend

Justin, Kelvin Tan and his girlfriend also came for the show. Young potential audience? 🙂

Friends of Cantonese Opera
Despite her busy schedule, Sui Lan (lady in black t-shirt) came with her friends for my performance. I hope they had a wonderful time. Sui Lan is also another good advisor on singing technique. One should listen to her singing. So “Man” (she sings the male role)!

Cantonese Opera Performer students of Qi Chao Qun
Miss Qi Chao Qun and her students (the boy is her son and the little girl is someone’s grand-daughter).


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