Miss Qi’s Cantonese Opera Performance

Tonight, I have attended my Cantonese opera instructress, Miss Qi Chao Qun’s performance. It was very inspiring for young opera actress like me. Miss Qi has a very remarkable voice in singing the “Hua Dan” role. Her “shui xiu” (literally translated as water sleeves as the sleeves moves like the ripples of water) technique and movements are gentle and demure, like the character she played. I was fascinated by her acting too.
Initially, she wanted me to help in one of the supporting roles. This role has quite a bit of singing and acting involved. However, I had rejected as at the time of the first rehearsal, I discovered that I was pregnant. Anyhow, I am glad that I manage to see the performance instead as I always believe that watching others perform is a very good form of learning as well. You get to see other people’s good and bad performance and you learn from it.

Cantonese opera teacher performance
Miss Qi and her husband, Mr Lau.

Cantonese opera teacher performance
My teacher Qi Chao Qun and myself.

Cantonese opera teacher performance
Miss Qi and her students.


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