The Singapore Garden Festival 2006

As a flower painter, I have always been fascinated by the flora and fauna formation. Recently, I am into gardening. Transforming the balcony of my HDB flat and the staircase landing into an indoor garden. The Singapore Garden Festival is one show I could not miss. Organised here for the first time, it is certainly worth watching. I went to the show twice. First time with my hubby, Kamal and my son, Mahsuri. Second time, I brought my parents to the show. Mahsuri got to go to the show twice. What a lucky boy! (You could see it in his face) During my second visit, I even bought a pot of Phalaenopsis orchids to add to my garden collection. 🙂
Family photo
Kamal, Ruoshi and Mahsuri at the garden display section.

Champion orchid
This orchid won a lot of awards. I did not get its name but I find the formation that spirals around the stem like a fluffy fox tail truely amazing!

Ruoshi’s parents
My dear parents taking a snapshot with a nice backdrop of orchids from Taiwan.


2 thoughts on “The Singapore Garden Festival 2006

  1. Hi,
    I’ve always enjoyed reading blogs. Welldone! Your mum is looking good and healthy and so is the entire family. Here’s wishing you and all at home a fruitful, productive (creatively and otherwise “) new year. Keep in touch.

    Hwee Ping

  2. The name of that orchid is Grammatophyllum scriptum var. citrinum.

    I had one( it was either this or the non ‘citrinum’variety )on my corridor in Sembawang but had to give it away when I left. A nice robust fella that kept growing and growing and growing…..but had yet to flower. LOL!

    Now in M’sia, I’m trying so hard to grow it but God knows why, it just refuses to thrive! Normally, it’s supposed to grow uncontrollably. Sigh!

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