Art-a-Fair @ Parkway Parade 2007: Caricature Booth

The weekend had been an exciting and wonderful experience for Kamal and I. We were invited to participate in an art fair held at parkway parade shopping mall. Although we have been drawing caricature at corporate events for years, this is the first time we set-up our own caricature booth.

The response was so overwhelming that we were both caricaturing at a frantic pace for 12 hours a day over the weekend. My only break is to go to the nursery room at Isetan every 3 hourly to breastsfeed Budiman, my five month old boy. I am very grateful to both my parents who are very supportive of our project. They helped to chauffer us to and from the art fair, and most importantly took care of Mahsuri and Budiman while their daddy and mummy were busy making money. Our queue is practically non-stop. Dino who assisted us helped to make caricature on keychains. Noraini, his fiancee also lend a helping hand by handling transactions and buy food while we were busy drawing. The earnings for the two days were rather good. We covered the cost plus make a bit for ourselves. The experience was better than expected and overall, it was a fantastic weekend for the team. I look forward to the next public showcase.
Serious caricaturist
Do not disturb! Artist at work…
woman model.jpg

Another satisfied customer.

cartoon and caricature.jpg
Kamal displaying his master strokes on a set of Korean twins.

caricature booth.jpg
Noraini smiling at her man who is behind the camera.

cartoon drawing.jpg
Our mermaid and her fairy godmother. 🙂

caricature artist.jpg
What? You want my burger??? 🙂


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