Corporate caricature for Huntsman Pte Ltd

One night, as I was busy helping Kamal with colouring for the ABN-Amro caricatures, I received a call from my dear friend Siow Peng who whilst taking the MRT home, overheard a girl’s conversation on the phone with a colleague about her problems looking for a caricaturist to do a drawing for her boss. Out of goodwill, Siow Peng candidly approached the stranger and told her about this great caricaturist friend of hers. The next day, that girl called me and we are on. It was an A2 size black and white caricature drawing of 28 persons in her department including the boss who is leaving the company. She needed it rather urgently so I rushed the drawing in 2 days. It depicted the two other bosses trying to prevent the parting boss from poaching all the staff. When she received it, she was full of praises. Here’s the photos of the finished artwork and the process sketch. Studio work requires some planning through rough sketches unlike live work where I draw very fast, directly with a marker. Some word-of-mouth marketing indeed – Thank you Siow Peng.

company cartoon drawings of staff as gift for boss retiring party dinner and dance event
Completed artwork

cartoon caricature drawing for corporate gifts for boss leaving award-winning
Process work


5 thoughts on “Corporate caricature for Huntsman Pte Ltd

  1. This is an execellent work! I was wondering how much will you be charging? I thinking of doing something similar for him.

    We have several workcentres and I may need 2 – 3 caricature/protraits.

    Please let me know asap as I will need the products by 27 Feb.

    Call me if necessary.

    Hp 97506860

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