The “artist” and his “follower”

Some nice mornings my two sons – Mahsuri (Ma Ning) and Budiman (Ma Jing) spent together in the month of November…One of the fun things beside wrestling with each other is to doodle together… Here are some photos:

young artists inspired sons of Singapore woman artist ye ruoshi

(Ma Jing): Let me see what you are drawing…

singapore women artist ruoshi’s sons

(Ma Jing): I help you with this stroke lah…


(Ma Ning): Don’t take my pen, I am concentrating on my observation studies.

young artists inspired singapore boys

(Ma Jing): Whoa! That baby girl “ho lang” (means “very pretty” in Cantonese) leh…


(Ma Jing): hiaz… i have been posing for one hour and he is still drawing my hair….

(Ma Ning): ok, ok, finishing soon, have more patience mah…


(Ma Ning): wah, your clothes have a lot of pattern leh…wasting a lot of time drawing them…can ask mommy to change to a plain one for you?


(Ma Ning): Ayah (Daddy) says i must talk to my model while I draw him, so that he will feel at ease.

(Ma Jing): Yawn…I am too at ease until I wanna fall asleep liao….


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