Family Portrait

All these years, dad has always wanted a nice studio family portrait of us which he could feel proud to “show off” to visitors to his house. So, this morning, we went to Raffles Photo Studio to have a family portrait taken. Mom and dad were beaming all the way especially when all of us wore our graduation robe. All except I are degree/masters holder. I am the only diploma holder. After my diploma in 1993, dad wanted to support me to university but I don’t feel it’s a necessity as I wanted to start my business (with Kamal and Effendy) earlier. And my field of practice — Graphic Design, requires hands-on experience more than the paper qualifications…Anyway, that was the past. Today, looking at all of us here in robes, I guess this picture is the biggest reward to my parents who have slogged for us all these years. Here’s my salute to them for their relentless nurture and care.

My happy family

My happy family


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