Teacher Vivian

This evening, I went to fetch Mahsuri from school. Teacher Dorothy mentioned that from tomorrow onwards, she and Huang Lao Shi will be teaching the K2s. And Teacher Nana and Sun Lao Shi will be taking over N2 (also Mahsuri’s class). Just when I was puzzled with the sudden change, Dorothy revealed the reason: Teacher Vivian has left! What a shocking news to me! But why?..I wanted to ask Dorothy but seeing a few other parents came, I decided not to hold her.

These few weeks, I didn’t get to see much of Vivian as I am currently suffering from a bout of morning sickness from my pregnancy. As it’s the initial stage, I am getting much of it nowadays. Thus, Kamal sends and fetch Mahsuri to and from school most of the time.

Teacher Vivian was one of the first few teachers who follow Mahsuri when he started N1 last year. She had witnessed his growth and improvements for the past one year. Vivian is a very patient and understanding teacher. Unlike other kids, my boy needs more time to “warm up”. He is a bit eccentric and always do things in the opposite way. I too can some times lose patience with him. However, teacher Vivian seems to have a way with him. She spends lotsa effort trying to understand his character. She often reflect her observations of him to me. She make me understand that my son is a selective-hearing learner and not what some people suspect — Autism.

Now that she has left, I feel sad that my son can’t continue to be nurtured under her but I do wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

I didn’t even have her contact no. I hope I could get it from other teachers so that I could call her personally and thank her for being such a good teacher to my boy, Mahsuri.

(from left to right) Sun Lao Shi, Mahsuri and Teacher Vivian

(from left to right) Sun Lao Shi, Mahsuri and Teacher Vivian


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