Colour Maestro

It was in mid February when I received a phone call from this guy called Shi Xiong. He said his company — GJ Production House is making a programme and they stumble upon my website and blog. They find that the flower paintings and Hua Dan series paintings were what they are looking for in one of the 6 episodes programme. So, they arrange to meet me.

To my pleasant surprise, it turned out that their director is Jack Choo (Zhu Hou Ren). I know he is a veteran actor but I didn’t know he direct too. After understanding my series (Hua Dan and Flowerism) of works and my interests in Cantonese opera and other things like collecting Blythe dolls and trinkets. They started filming in beginning of March. I was 3 months plus pregnant then. My tummy began to show and I was afraid the effect will not be good especially to put on the opera makeup and costume. However, everything turned out fine. The crew were efficient and professional. We went to a few location like SAFRA (for my caricature shoot), Singapore Art Museum where my work — “Tea with Mr. M” was on exhibit, Guangdong Huey Guan (where I learned opera), my house, my friend — Chengying’s house and  Art Seasons (the art gallery).

It was a fun and educational experience working with Jack and his team. Although I was suffering from rather bad morning sickness, I seemed to forget it the moment I was involved in the shoot. Yesterday was the telecast of the programme on Channel U. I received many compliments from friends and relatives. I even had a few email messages of people whom I don’t know but saw the programme and like my works. It was afterall, a very fruitful (and unexpected) experience. I will have to work hard to produce more good works so as not to disappoint all who loved me.
















4 thoughts on “Colour Maestro

  1. HiHI dear,

    May I ask do you perform Chinese Opera?

    I am desperatly looking for anyone or group that is willing to support a 20 mins Chinese Opera performance to a group of old folks at “Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home” located at Singapore Thomson Road on the 3rd July 2010.

    Can you please advise me!!

    Thank you very much!!

    Yours Sincerely

    A’de Neo

    • Hi, now is too late to ask for anyone as booking of programme should be done at least three to four months before. Sorry can’t help you this time but thanks for you interest though.


      • Dear Ruoshi,

        Thank you so much for the reply!!
        I know we are very late but Will there be any chance there will be any freelance performers happen to be able to support or contact that I can reach? Pls Pls help!!

        We are a group of 29 who desires to create `A World of Love’ in our community and “Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home” is the choosen one to volunteer our services.

        We sincerely hope to source for any posibilities to make this 3rd July 2010 A WOW DAY a success for all the dear elderly at “Lee Ah Mooi Old Age Home”

        Many thanks

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