That eventful morning when Kilat decided to report to this world…

t’s been a week since Kilat Kencana was born and I still can’t believe that everything just happens so fast!

Last wednesday at around 3a.m., I suddenly felt sharp pain at my lower back and my lower abdominal. My tummy also felt very tight, like stone. I thought it will go away but it didn’t. It came every 5-10 mins. and it lasted abt 5 mins each time. This feeling is not alien to me as I recalled when I was expecting Mahsuri, I had that feeling. Although it was like 4 years ago! I still remember. Mahsuri’s case was a 25 hour prolonged induction, 10 hours of intense labour pain and failure of dilation and finally ended up in emergency caeserean. The only consolation is I get to see his birth as I was on epidural caeserean. Yes, wide awake while they “cut me up”.

Anyway, I was comtemplating on whether to go to the hospital or not. Kamal called the 24hr clinic and I told the nurse abt my situation. She said since I had 2 caesereans previously, it’s better to go to the hospital immediately as she worries that the strong contractions will cause my old stitches to burst and thus lead to serious consequences. (Yikes!) I still can’t believe I was in labour. Or rather I don’t want to believe it. I still haven’t take nice photos of my “stretch marks free” pregger belly with my boys. So, hurriedly, I asked Kamal to take one or two snapshots of me in my pyjamas. However looking at the pictures from the camera, I know I am not looking good at the moment as I could see that I am really in pain. So, hurriedly, we woke our helper — Heni and ask her to take care of Mahsuri and Budiman before “dashing” out of our house with my quite prepared hospital bag.

We caught a taxi with minutes and were on our way to Kandang Kerbau hospital. In the cab, I told Kamal this time round he didn’t managed to put on his checked shirt (he wore that during the birth of our first two peas). He was smiling and shook his head in disbelief. He also can’t believe Kilat choose to come out on 9-9-09. We were caught in a “Kelam Kabut” (unprepared) situation.

We reached KK within 10 mins. I was still much in pain. The intervals were still every 5-10 mins. The medical staff wheeled me in a wheel chair to the admission counter in the delivery suite for admission. When we reached there, we saw quite a few people there. The staff at the counter was the lady who answered my phone. She said there is no available delivery suite at the moment so we have to wait. So, I just sit in the wheel chair and suffer the strong contractions (in silence) but I know my facial expressions must be quite twisted and I felt my eyes are wet and warm, from the tears that I try to suppress not to let it flow out. I thought I really just couldn’t sit properly so I got up and went to the corridor outside. Pacing around the corridor helped a little but the pain is getting more and more intense. Kamal and I met our friend Rosman, whose wife is also admitted. She was in the delivery suite for induction and has been there one day before. I told Rosman that according to my experience with Mahsuri’s birth, induction will take very long. So, he has to be patient. Rosman said he understands that and wished us luck before returning to his wife.

Finally, after one and a half hour, we managed to get a delivery suite. After the nurse settle me on the bed and went to do other preparation, I gave Kamal a knowing smile. “Don’t you think this looks deja vu to you?” I said. He understands what I mean. Four years ago, we were here in the same room for like one whole day when trying to ‘coax’ Mahsuri to come out quickly. :)) Same room, same decor, same lighting, around the same timing… Amidst all my contraction pains, I am actually enjoying the short moment, reminiscing the past… Just then, another medical staff entered and she did a V.E. (vaginal examination) on me and found that I have dilated but not full dilation. She said I am going to forget abt going back home. So, quickly but precisely, like what they are good at, they prepared all the necessary forms to fill up for LSCS (lower section caeserean section). Like the previous two, I opt for epidural caeserean where I am fully awake to witness the birth of Kilat.

After doing other nitty-gritty but necessary preparation, I was wheeled to the operating theatre. There, the medical staff who is in-charged of anesthetia let me hugged a pillow and bent forward so that they could inject the anesthetic medication into my lower spine. Within seconds, I feel the numbness spread throughout the entire lower part of the body. I am “numbed” from chest onwards down right to my toes. I found myself lying on the “operating table”. Everything is so familiar. It’s like as if yesterday I gave birth to Mahsuri and Budiman. Now the third pea is coming. My gynae, senior consultant Dr K T Tan came in with a smile. “hi Yeok Se, looks like your baby really wants to choose 9-9-09, yah?” Initially, we wanted this date but dr Tan asked us to wait for one more week to boost his growth more. We heed her advice but who knows this little fellow wanted to come out on 9-9-09. I wanted to schedule for C today.

So the cut started. I don’t feel painful at all. It’s like someone using their pointer finger to draw horizontal lines on my tummy. And each time it’s coupled with a numb feeling. Then I started to feel the “tugging and pulling”, and it gets stronger but still it’s not painful. I know very soon I am going to see my baby. After a couple of minutes, Dr Tan said my baby was born. But where is his cries?!?? I started to worry. I couldn’t see beyond the cloth that is blocked infront of my chest areaa. Usually they will carry the baby and show him to me but not this time. And the previous two cried very loudly but this one no crying sound at all! Lateron, while Dr Tan is “sewing me up”, she tols me that Kilat breathes too fast and swollowed some liquid which blocks his air passage a little. Therefore he has to be put in the special care nursery to be given oxygen. I was crying when I heard that but the staff asked my to rest assured for this is not uncommon for some babies.

When I was taken to my ward, I suddenly felt hunger pangs and feel like eating but dr don;t allow as it’s not advisable to eat immediately after opt for fear that I might vomit and affect the wound. So, I was given ice chips frequently. I was also been given a packet of 300ml blood for transfusion as they said that my haemoglobin level is too low. So, while been transfuse, I sent out the good news of the birth of my son, take a bit of rest here and there and pumped some colostrum to be sent to the nursery for Kilat. Finally, the next day, I get to hold him in my arms and feed him directly from my breasts.

Some people might think that going through the whole 9 months of pregnancy and the excruciating labour pain is a chore but to me, every step is a memory. And I treasure the birth of each of my child very much. I enjoyed everything even down to the pain, the “not so delicious” hospital food, the stay in the hospital and so on… Well, perhaps I am just a simple and easily contented woman who loves children very much. I guess I am a baby-addicted mommy! 🙂


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