Mahsuri’s annual school concert

On friday, I brought my parents, Budiman, Kilat and my helper to watch Mahsuri performed at the Grassroot Club at Ang Mo Kio Ave 8. (Kamal went to KL and with regrets, couldn’t attend) It was his school’s annual concert. Last year, our little man just stood on the stage and did nothing while some of his friends dance with the music. This year is his second time performing on stage so he is more experienced. Early morning, I got up and prepare the boys and myself nicely for the concert. I dare say I was the best, if not one of the best dressed mommies there. :))

After the certificate presentation to the kindergarten graduates and a few performances by various levels of students, came Mahsuri’s class (the Nursery level 2) performance. Curtains up and I saw my son standing right at the last row at the right hand corner. Everyone in front was dancing spontaneously to the first song -“macarena” and he was standing there, eyes searching the crowd (for me). Mahsuri kept saying “Mommy, you see, i am dancing here…can you see? i am dancing here?…” My eyes were welled up with tears… I was standing among the group of fanatic parents (fans of their own kids) and doing what they were doing, busy snapping away photos. My camera was giving me problem. I only manage to snap one or two photos of him. (Damn!) I should have charged my camera.

Mahsuri was still searching for me. And then suddenly, he realised that his mommy is squatting right at the corner of the foot of the stage, watching him silently, giving her support to him. All at once, you could see his elated expression, as if just discover a piece of chocolate! Then, he began to dance. And when the second song “I want nobody but you” started playing, he stopped and as if sad. I immediately do the familiar little hand sign to him, telling him I want nobody but him, then he began to dance again. 🙂 At the end of this item, everyone was walking back to the back stage but he just run to the front and want to get down from the stage. I told him I will fetch him after the whole concert has finished. I said I still want to watch his second programme – the fashion show. Just then, his teacher Hazel came out from behind the curtain and bring this “lost calf” back to the “herd”.

The last show of the concert was the fashion show. It was presented by Mahsuri’s class (N2) again. I saw Mahsuri and his other classmate Rick Teo doing the cat walk together with a fellow Indian female classmate. I do not know her name as she’s new and just joined the class. Mahsuri looks dashing with his hair “jelled-up” and dressed in a denim overall which i bought some weeks ago at Isetan for this performance. He was doing very well, with the cat walk. Just then, as he was preparing to make a turn to walk back to the back of the stage, he caught me at the corner of his eye. He stopped and stand there, looking at me with a sad kinda look, hands in his denim overall. His teacher and classmates do not know what to do with this. The audiences find it funny and were laughing amusingly. I signal to him to walk along but he just stood there and gaze at me. Just then, his classmate Rick Teo walk to him and say “aiyah, come lah.. (in Mandarin)” and proceed to pull him away with him. That makes an even more amusing scene to all. Everybody was laughing and clapping their hands to the gesture. I was relief. 🙂

Later, after the show, I went to fetch Mahsuri. He was famished, so I gave him some cakes and he was happily gobbling away… He was also throwing a little tantrum to me. Usually I will reprimand him if he is rude but that day, I didn’t. I know he was blaming me for not taking him away from the stage, from the performance. i explained to him that he is performing, so it’s only professional not to run away half way through the performance. It’s like in life, each and everyone has their own roles, they should try their best to fulfill their roles. I don’t know whether he understands what i am saying.

Anyway, I really enjoyed watching his performance. A child’s performance. Although there are often unexpected situations like these but they are so real, so innocent… Some parents might think that it is embarassing that their child is not doing as they should in a performance. However, I treasure every moment of his performance, the imperfections too. It’s the moment you will never find again.


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