Budiman’s performance at Seimpi School of Music X’mas concert

Yesterday was Seimpi School of Music Annual X’mas Concert. It was also the second concert for Budiman since he started the playtime class at Seimpi. The last concert was in June this year. I was supposed to perform with him but I couldn’t as I need to help Kamal with the zoo caricatures. So, my dad (Budiman’s grandpa) went on stage with him. This time, I had make sure that I don’t have any events on so that I could go on stage with him.

I bought tickets for the whole family – Kamal, Mahsuri, my helper and baby Kilat to go and support Budiman and me for the concert. We reached there on time. About an hour before our programme. Kamal and the rest went in to view the concert while Budiman and I wait for our programme at the backstage. Due to the fact that Budiman is only 2 plus years, thus I have to go on stage with him. We were going to play the bells for the song – “We wish you a merry X’mas”.

Just half an hour before the start of our programme, teacher Lynn came and tell me that Budiman and I will be the only parent and child pair to perform together with the other few older kids who would be playing the piano. Lynn said a few parents withdraw their kids from the concert as they were going for holiday. Initially there was another child and her mom who was supposed to perform together with us but last minute she called and cancel her participation too. Teacher Lynn said if I don’t feel comfortable I could withdraw Budiman too. I assured her that Budiman and I will go ahead with the performance. Being a seasoned stage performer, I have no worries with stage frights at all. I know Budiman also will feel at ease. One thing is because he is still young and is oblivious to the crowd. Maybe his slight autism also made him unaware of the crowd. Anyhow, since we have given our word to involve in the performance, we should go ahead with it.

Finally, it’s our turn. We went up the stage. As planned, Budiman and I stationed ourselves in the centre while 6 other older kids positioned at their piano. When the music starts, I assist Budiman to ring the bells according to beat. Suddenly, in the middle of the performance, a familiar face came running up the stage and stand beside me, putting his hand on my left shoulder. I turned to the side and saw Mahsuri beside me, on stage! Aiyah, budak ini….. As if he made a cameo appearance… But throughout the performance, he stand beside me confidently, putting his arms around my neck while I play the bells with Budiman. Mahsuri is definitely oblivious of the audience. However, he is consider quite well-behaved on stage. The performance ended successfully. Curtains down and his ayah came from behind the side curtain and grab him back to the audience seats…

I don’t know exactly why he did that but I guess could be a few reasons. Firstly, he may be vying for my attention. Secondly, it could be he wants to show to others that Budiman is his younger brother and I, his mommy. And so he came on stage and “give us his support”. Anyhow, I am glad he didn’t spoil the show. His ayah was even commenting that he is having a “class reunion” on stage. Mahsuri used to take music class at Seimpi and these few older kids who played the pianos were his classmates. However, after attending for half a year, we decided to stop his music class because he doesn’t show interest in the class. Not like drawing, he could sit there and draw for hours. Music is not his cuppa tea.

Anyhow, we had a great time at the concert. Since this is teacher Lynn’s last concert at Seimpi (she is leaving by year end), so all the more makes it a meaningful one. I am very happy with Budiman’s performance in the concert. I think music helps him alot and I will definitely expose him more to performances so as to buildup his confidence.


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