Ignore or accept his existence?


Yesterday while waiting for a cab, I met my neighbor, an old lady, downstairs at the void deck. She commented that I slimmed down a lot. I agreed and said this time round, I am even slimmer than past post-pregnancy. Almost close to before I even have kids at all.. Then the old lady asked how am I taking after Yuan has gone. I said ok. I treat him as one of my children. She told me for her family, they don’t consider those children who passed away less than three years old as part of their family. They are rather superstition. I told her I can’t ignore or disregard the presence of Yuan. Because as long as he moved and have heart beat before, he is a life. Moreover he was quite big already at the time of death. I understand her because she thinks that by not thinking, one will not feel sad and depressed. However, my thinking is the more I faced it and accept it, the stronger and more positive I am. And I think it’s only fair for the young deceased to know that there is someone on earth who remembers him, who treasure his past existence.


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