Who is Ye Ruoshi?


Name: Ye Ruoshi
Nationality: Singaporean
Date of Birth: 14 August 1973
Race: Chinese
Education: Diploma in Graphic Design Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, 1993
Profession: Artist (Painter)

Address: Blk 255 Serangoon Central Drive #04-50 Singapore 550255
Telephone: 98573730 (mobile) / 64000153 (home)
email: ruoshi@flowerism.com
website: www.flowerism.com

Ye Ruoshi is a Singaporean painter (full-time) renown for her flower inspired oil paintings. She first debut in 2004 with a solo exhibition entitled ‘Flowerism’ featuring 100 paintings. That was after spending a decade of her life as an illustrator and account executive for a graphic design firm which she co-founded after graduating from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (NAFA) in 1993. Though she studied graphic design at NAFA, her passion has always been for drawing and paintings.

Ruoshi’s paintings celebrate our existentiality through her eloquent transformation of tropical flowers that line our streets, into splendid representation of bliss. Spider lilies and heliconias are among her favourite species.

She was accepted as a member of Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya (APAD or Association of Artists of Various Resources) in the year 2000 and has actively participated in their exhibitions and has received numerous other invitations from various organisations. Besides her passion for flowers and paintings, she is also active in the Cantonese opera scene as a leisure singer/ performer.

She is married to another artist.


7 thoughts on “Who is Ye Ruoshi?

  1. Hi,

    Just stumble across your blog and read abt Ms Huang. Recently I’ve met up with her and had a few private lessons fr her in Potong Pasir Hall. Her movements are very good and I’ve enjoyed her lessons very much. The only regret I’ve got is I dont quite understand what she says until my friend explains to me (I dont speak Mandarine)


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