APAD’s 50th Anniversary group show –” Moving On” at The Substation


Attended the exhibition opening night of the group show- “ Moving On” at The Substation, Armenian Street, last Thursday 3rd October. I was one of the participating artists. Our Guest-of-Honour Mr Masagos asked how me, a Chinese, get to join this only Malay Artists Association in Singapore. I said it’s because my husband Kamal Dollah is actively involved in the association, and me being an Islam convert, has been actively producing art works. Perhaps Mr Rahman, the president then and now, saw my effort and make an exception and accept me as one of their artists. Thank you Mr Rahman Rais.

This show commemorate the association move-out from their old premise at the Telo Ayer Performing Arts Centre at Cecil Street to the present new set-up at the new Arts Centre– The Aliwal Arts Centre at Aliwal Street near the Arab Street area. “Moving On” is also to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of APAD ( Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya or better known as Association of Artists of Various Resources). The show features around 60 works by 37 artists of the 66 member artists in the association. The works are small works of less than 2 feet in measurement each. Nice “bite size” for the small homes here in SG.

i showed two of my paintings from the Hua Dan series Titled: Paper Aeroplane and The Ride respectively. Here’s to mention especially that the Paper Aeroplane was produced after I had lost my fourth son at 24 weeks gestation. It anti men emotional and difficult period. I numbed myself through paintings, still doing it consistently… Paper Aeroplane featured Hua Dan riding on the red paper Aeroplane through stormy skies. She had her eyes shut while clinging on to the supposedly flimsy paper plane. She is struggling to move on but she choose to close her eyes because she don’t want to be distracted by the scene infront that she will forget her loss and pain… It’s a battle in the heart and mind…



Ignore or accept his existence?


Yesterday while waiting for a cab, I met my neighbor, an old lady, downstairs at the void deck. She commented that I slimmed down a lot. I agreed and said this time round, I am even slimmer than past post-pregnancy. Almost close to before I even have kids at all.. Then the old lady asked how am I taking after Yuan has gone. I said ok. I treat him as one of my children. She told me for her family, they don’t consider those children who passed away less than three years old as part of their family. They are rather superstition. I told her I can’t ignore or disregard the presence of Yuan. Because as long as he moved and have heart beat before, he is a life. Moreover he was quite big already at the time of death. I understand her because she thinks that by not thinking, one will not feel sad and depressed. However, my thinking is the more I faced it and accept it, the stronger and more positive I am. And I think it’s only fair for the young deceased to know that there is someone on earth who remembers him, who treasure his past existence.