APAD’s 50th Anniversary group show –” Moving On” at The Substation


Attended the exhibition opening night of the group show- “ Moving On” at The Substation, Armenian Street, last Thursday 3rd October. I was one of the participating artists. Our Guest-of-Honour Mr Masagos asked how me, a Chinese, get to join this only Malay Artists Association in Singapore. I said it’s because my husband Kamal Dollah is actively involved in the association, and me being an Islam convert, has been actively producing art works. Perhaps Mr Rahman, the president then and now, saw my effort and make an exception and accept me as one of their artists. Thank you Mr Rahman Rais.

This show commemorate the association move-out from their old premise at the Telo Ayer Performing Arts Centre at Cecil Street to the present new set-up at the new Arts Centre– The Aliwal Arts Centre at Aliwal Street near the Arab Street area. “Moving On” is also to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of APAD ( Angkatan Pelukis Aneka Daya or better known as Association of Artists of Various Resources). The show features around 60 works by 37 artists of the 66 member artists in the association. The works are small works of less than 2 feet in measurement each. Nice “bite size” for the small homes here in SG.

i showed two of my paintings from the Hua Dan series Titled: Paper Aeroplane and The Ride respectively. Here’s to mention especially that the Paper Aeroplane was produced after I had lost my fourth son at 24 weeks gestation. It anti men emotional and difficult period. I numbed myself through paintings, still doing it consistently… Paper Aeroplane featured Hua Dan riding on the red paper Aeroplane through stormy skies. She had her eyes shut while clinging on to the supposedly flimsy paper plane. She is struggling to move on but she choose to close her eyes because she don’t want to be distracted by the scene infront that she will forget her loss and pain… It’s a battle in the heart and mind…



Colour Maestro

It was in mid February when I received a phone call from this guy called Shi Xiong. He said his company — GJ Production House is making a programme and they stumble upon my website and blog. They find that the flower paintings and Hua Dan series paintings were what they are looking for in one of the 6 episodes programme. So, they arrange to meet me.

To my pleasant surprise, it turned out that their director is Jack Choo (Zhu Hou Ren). I know he is a veteran actor but I didn’t know he direct too. After understanding my series (Hua Dan and Flowerism) of works and my interests in Cantonese opera and other things like collecting Blythe dolls and trinkets. They started filming in beginning of March. I was 3 months plus pregnant then. My tummy began to show and I was afraid the effect will not be good especially to put on the opera makeup and costume. However, everything turned out fine. The crew were efficient and professional. We went to a few location like SAFRA (for my caricature shoot), Singapore Art Museum where my work — “Tea with Mr. M” was on exhibit, Guangdong Huey Guan (where I learned opera), my house, my friend — Chengying’s house and  Art Seasons (the art gallery).

It was a fun and educational experience working with Jack and his team. Although I was suffering from rather bad morning sickness, I seemed to forget it the moment I was involved in the shoot. Yesterday was the telecast of the programme on Channel U. I received many compliments from friends and relatives. I even had a few email messages of people whom I don’t know but saw the programme and like my works. It was afterall, a very fruitful (and unexpected) experience. I will have to work hard to produce more good works so as not to disappoint all who loved me.















Kampong: APAD’s Contemporary 2007

May 25th, 2007 APAD’s 33rd Contemporary Art Exhibition held at

Malay Heritage Centre (Taman Warisan Melayu).
Showing from 25th May 2007 – 8th June 2007.
Refer to official exhibition website for details.

singapore art oil painting

Goli-goli (oil painting) 6″ x 6″ (each)

I wasn’t brought up in a Kampong hence I can’t say I understand the true meaning of ‘kampong’ (Malay word for village). However, when the word ‘kampong’ is mentioned, it always remind me of a part of my childhood memories where I went to stay in a relative’s house in Segamat, Malaysia. The smell of stools of farm animals, the taste of delicious steam white kampong chicken, the mosquito net in my cousin’s bedroom… and most of all, the games that we play. Games like zero point, five stones, goli… they are simple yet fun and impressionable. My works are inspired by the colour fragments inside the goli (glass marbles). When I was a child, I was amazed by the little colourful “strips” which has made me wondered how it was put inside the round glass balls. I have of course grown up now, married and with kids. However, the colourful apppearance have lured me into producing an oil-painting titled: ‘Goli-goli’. In ‘Goli-goli’, we could all find the special colour in our life. Especially in the world today which is not as innocent as what we have used to know.

reAction (Sangkar) – group exhibition by APAD

The word ‘Sangkar’ is a Malay word for cage. This was the title of APAD‘s Action series group exhibition showcasing the works of 14 selected artists. It explores the various theme and concepts of entrapment. Exhibiting at The Substation Gallery from 7th – 11th December 2006.

The work presented by me is my first installation art which is a departure from my usual paintings. Synopsis below:

sangkar art exhibition of installation works

Lightness of Being

“Death can be light as a feather or heavy as a mountain”
Chinese proverb

This installation is a funeral wreath of twigs and feathers encircling my flower series painting. The overall whitewash appearance conveys a solemn symbol for death. Death of painting; killed by popular misconception and trends. This work relates to the feeling of entrapment often felt by artists (i.e painters) struggling to lead a meaningful life.

Sangkar art exhibition of installation works Sangkar art exhibition of installation works Sangkar art exhibition of installation works


Sangkar art exhibition of installation works Sangkar art exhibition of installation works Sangkar art exhibition of installation works
Mr. Kwok Kian Chow, Director of the Singapore Art Museum officiated the exhibition (2nd row, left & middle pictures) seen here with Mr. Suhaimi Sukiyar, president of APAD and Mr. Rosman Mohd Shahid, chairman of this exhibition’s organising committee.

On Being A Mom – Group exhibition at SGH (For Mothers’ Day 2006)

An exhibition organised by Singapore General Hospital (SGH) in celebration of Mothers’ Day. The artists involved are Odile Moulin, Susie Wong, Han Zi Rui and myself. Miss Tan Hwee Ping is the person-in-charge of the arts events called “ArtsExpression” at SGH. The venue is along the corridor of Block 5 in which the long wall flanking both sides provide the ample wall space for the display of art works. The human traffic here is very high, which gives good opportunity for reaching out to the general public to appreciate art.
I selected 3 bigger paintings from the Motherhood series to exhibit in this show. It’s been a great pleasure working with Hwee Ping as she is very dedicated in organising the show, making sure that our works are properly taken care of. A few people have expressed their interests in purchasing. Although nothing has been confirmed but I am still happy with the attention get for my works. It motivates me to work towards producing better works in the future.
It has been a great pleasure knowing Odile, Susie and Zi Rui too as all three of them are talented artists. Looking forward to working with them again in the near future.

SGH art exhibition on Motherhood
SGH art exhibition on Motherhood
Explaining my works to the Guest-of-Honour.

SGH art exhibition on Motherhood
SGH art exhibition on Motherhood
Group snapshot with the 4 women artists.

SGH art exhibition on Motherhood
Ning holding a carnation for his mama.